green-falafel-sticks_089-med-greenHUMMUS FRIES are a new take on a favourite food. These delicious fries are made with the wholesomeness of non-GMO Green Chickpeas, a special blend of seasonings and spices mixed with the light fresh taste of cilantro giving the fries their flavourful taste and crispy texture.

Add hummus fries to every plate

  • healthy alternative to french fries
  • use in appetizers, wraps and salads
  • add as a side dish to sandwiches

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Green Chickpea Facts

  • Chickpea-Pod-in-PalmAll-natural non-allergenic plant based source of protein
  • High in fibre: 20% of your daily requirement per serving
  • Naturally low in fat, saturated fat cholesterol, and sodium
  • High in folate and good source of iron for healthy red blood cells
  • Fresh Picked Green Chickpeas have a more flavourful taste than regular canned blond chickpeas
  • Fresh Picked Green Chickpeas are harvested at their peak of freshness and are nutrition packed
  • Fresh Picked Green Chickpeas support sustainable agricultural practices

What Makes them Green?

Picked early, a GREEN CHICKPEA is simply a normal garbanzo bean harvested while immature and still in its live green state full of natural moisture and colour. Green Chickpeas do not need to be reconstituted with water & preservatives, rather they are rushed from the field to be washed, blanched and flash frozen, locking in the natural colour, moisture, nutrition and flavour!