Green Chickpea Falafel Cake


  • 4 Cups
    green chickpeas, thawed
  • 2 Cups
    cold water
  • .25 Cups
  • .25 Cups
  • .5 Cups
    yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 1.5 Teaspoons
    salt and pepper
  • .5 Tablespoons
    granulated garlic
  • .5 Tablespoons
    ground cumin


  1. Blend green chickpeas, water, cilantro and parsley in standard mixer for 1.5 minutes. Observe that there are no lumps as the product turns over.

  2. Add the yellow onion, seasonings & bread crumbs to the pureed items in the stainless steel mixing bowl.

  3. Churn & squeeze the mixture in the bowl combining the “wet” puree into the “dry” seasoned crumb mixture.

  4. Continue deliberate hand mixing to just bring the bean cake dough together without over mixing.

  5. Using a 2 Ounce Ice Cream Scoop with thumb operated lever action, place ball of dough on a lightly greased hot griddle set to 375 F.

  6. Using spatula, lightly flatten ball to desired thickness and brown for 1 minute & 30 seconds on both sides – turning only once.

  7. Once seared, remove cakes from griddle and place on lightly greased cookie sheet.

  8. Finish in oven set to 350 F for 6 minutes to heat through.